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21st August 2022
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Via Amsterdam Rentals, you can request your Energy Label

The energy label expresses how energy-efficient a home is. The lower the number, the more energy-efficient the living space. About 150 housing characteristics are included for drawing up an energy label. This concerns the properties and dimensions of the floors, walls, windows, panels, doors and roofs. Wondering if the house already has an energy label?

Look at Find your energy label
● Homes up to 50 m2: € 223.30 incl. VAT;
● Homes between 51 and 100 m2: € 239.20 incl. VAT
● Homes between 101 and 150 m2: €263.20 incl. VAT
● Homes between 151 and 200 m2: € 279.20 incl. VAT
● Homes between 201 and 250 m2: € 294.40 incl. VAT

All prices include a 20% discount on the standard rates of Energielabel Holland.

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