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22nd February 2023
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Water-Gas-Electricity-Internet-Bank Account

All services are easily and quickly arranged in one shop. We offer a comprehensive free service with regard to
all connections needed in a home. Our multilingual customer care centre helps you find the right products
and services and matching suppliers. We provide free advice and full support for the following services
with various suppliers:

Our consumer products and services

Gas, Electricity and District Heating
• Flexible contracts and fixed contracts • Competitive prices
• Green Energy Suppliers • Expat Friendly • Urgent connections

Internet / TV / Telephone and Sim-only
• Fast delivery • Possibility of flexible contracts
• Choice of different packages • Choice of suppliers

• Fast delivery • Meter readings are obligatory
• Regionally fixed supplier

Contract Coach
• Full consumer support • Help with translating contracts
• Contract follow-up, the best deal  every year • Help with terminating contracts
• Assists in finding better deals

Other products
• Bank account  • Insurances • Mortgage advice • Moving Assistance

 100% free advice -  No hidden costs - Offers without obligation

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