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20th August 2022
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Via Amsterdam Rentals, you can order professional photos and videos for your home

Zien24 provides the most effective home presentations and takes that extra step both before, during and after realization. The housing market is changing and a large part takes place on the internet. The role of (digital) presentation is becoming increasingly important in both renting out and the sale of homes. This concerns the visualization of the home, the appearance of the estate agent and the findability on the internet.

Total Package (max. 12 images)  - Photo reportage small-Property Video-€75

Total Package (max. 30 images) - Photo reportage-360 degrees tour-Interactive floor plan-Property Video-€180

Total Package (max. 30 images) - Photo reportage-360 degrees tour-Interactive floor plan-Property Video-Measurement (200m2)- €255


Photo reportage €75,- (max. 30 images)   - Photo reportage large €150,- (max. 50 images) - Object description (Dutch) €50,- (only with photo reportage)

Object description (Dutch and English) €75,- (only with photo reportage) - 360 degrees tour €75,- (whole property) - Interactive floor plan €20,- (whole property)

Altitude photos €75,- (ca. 1 - 3 photos) - Property video €75,- (whole property) - Measurement €75,- (until 200m2) - Measurement large €150,- (from 200 till 400m2)

Floor plan (only with measurement) €20,- (whole property) -  Artist Impression €30,- (per image)


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